Liberthereum wants to connect you to the future of the financial market so that you can access financial products in an anonymous, secure and decentralized way. With Liberthereum you can trade, bet and win.


Every Liberthereum ecosystem is led by a large active community of supporters who define the future of the platform. LTH (native token) holders make decisions while users enjoy the benefits of the platform.


The markets founded and managed by Liberthereum are based on smart contracts in Ethereum and AMM (Market Maker Automatized), thus the platform remains free from human interference to operationalize any financial service.


In the near future, users of the platform will be able to use all of Liberthereum's resources without the need to identify themselves or be accountable, as in the case of centralized financial institutions. With Liberthereum we have the chance to rebuild banking policies of the legacy system in a fairer, more transparent and intermediary-free environment.

Vision for Liberthereum

A feat that is probably unprecedented in the market: that is how the emergence of Liberthereum can be defined. Few projects in the crypto universe can actually declare the early emergence of a large community as is the case with Liberthereum. The early formation of a large group of supporters is clearly a great achievement for everyone who participates in the project and obviously puts us a few steps ahead of our competitors. This is the vision adopted for Liberthereum, a decentralized financial solutions platform that since its inception has supported a huge community of committed supporters, who were cultivated in a fertile environment through the Goeth Community, a great predecessor movement to Liberthereum responsible for collecting most of the members through an Ether reward system (ETH).

LTH Tokens

Liberthereum is a community-driven organization built to deliver decentralized financial solutions. This problem can be defined as the inability of disparate forms of liquidity to connect with markets in a decentralized manner and vice versa. While other solutions provide progressive advances in solving the liquidity problem, Liberthereum aims to create a broader range of network effects. Rather than limiting itself to a single solution, Liberthereum interweaves many decentralized markets and instruments. Liberthereum products are connected to their native LTH token and are configured in a way that allows the entire platform to maintain decentralized governance of LTH token holders.

Being an LTH holder is basically holding the exclusive governance and access rights of a bank, but thanks to the Blockchain technology, the financial and technological hub Liberthereum allows this relationship of support and financial interest to be totally transparent and equal for all parties involved.

Liberthereum Pre-sale

The LTH Initial Public Offering is a democratic opportunity for early Liberthereum supporters. The native tokens of the Liberthereum platform are intended to disseminate the governance that will dictate future adjustments to the protocol, which aims to maintain a decentralized way as much as possible.

Buy Liberthereum

Purchases of Libethereum (LTH) respect a schedule of issuing units according to the consumption of the supply of each available lot with a starting price of US$0.15. The supply of 40,886,152 tokens destined for the public offering of Liberthereum will be distributed as follows:

LTH Value (US$0.001) X US$1,000 (Maximum Lot Limit) = Number of Tokens per Lot

Stake pool

In order to preserve interest and add a more attractive layer to supporters of Liberthereum, a small sample of the potential of one of the products will be started even in pre-release of Liberthereum. The LTH Stake Pool allows an initial holder of LTH tokens to earn income on tokens still in the early stages of the project and with that they will be awarded a result of LTH tokens according to the estimated annual return (APY).

In the planned distribution, the 61,329,227 LTH's will be distributed through the interest lock mechanism to the holders who participate in the Stake Pool, since they end up defending the LTH market since the offer is more scarce and with that there will be largest inflationary center of the Liberthereum economy.

Burning LTH tokens

After the end of the initial offer of LTH tokens, the values that were not consumed by the community will be calculated, where all remaining token units of the token reserve destined to supply this primary offer will be destroyed (burned), as well as the reserve not consumed by the stake pool and the LTH bonus system will also be burned, with a focus on curbing inflation and running out of LTH tokens.

Refer and win

Refer your friends to buy LTH tokens and get rewards in tokens. Up to 20,443,076 LTH tokens will be reserved to be distributed in a bonus system that encourages the spread of LTH around the world.

  • 1 LEVEL: 20%
  • 2 LEVEL: 10%
  • 3 LEVEL: 5%
  • 4 LEVEL: 4%
  • 5 LEVEL: 2%
  • 6 LEVEL: 1%
  • 7 LEVEL: 1%
  • 8 LEVEL: 1%
  • 9 LEVEL: 2%
  • 10 LEVEL: 4%

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