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Chainlink (LINK) is one of the most useful cryptography in the real world. That's because one of the biggest problems with databases, and consequently with blockchain, is communication with the outside world.

wBTC, or Wrapped Bitcoin, are Bitcoins encapsulated in Ethereum's Blockchain, allowing you to take advantage of all the features of this technology, including use in DeFi, such as loans and Decentralized Exchanges.

DAI is a decentralized stablecoin created by the MakerDAO platform (MKR) and its value follows the US dollar, in the proportion of 1: 1.

Aave is a decentralized financial protocol that allows people to borrow and borrow cryptography.


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Uniswap This latform comprises a series of smart contracts that allow anyone to trade directly with another directly on the Ethereum blockchain.

Maker Maker is a lending platform structured on the Ethereum blockchain. Its differential is to combine the granting of credit with its own stablecoin, DAI.

Compound Compound is a standalone platform based on Ethereum that allows users to obtain dynamically adjusted interest rates through loans.

A bridge to the future

Our role is to be a safe bridge for those who believe that the future no longer belongs to centralized and primitive formats. We firmly believe in rebuilding a new financial ecosystem thanks to decentralized finance (Defi).

Why Liberthereum?


LTH is a cradle for decentralized financial solutions:

Asset baskets


LTH's market value is based on a basket of the most promising assets in the Defi system.



Defi tokens have high volatility as they are revolutionary assets in the early stages of adoption. To extract the best market opportunities, LTH is positioned in the most diverse assets, in order to balance its volatility and still take advantage of the best chances of the Defi ecosystem.


Anti Scan

Defi is proving to be an opportunity as impressive as buying Bitcoin in 2009. Some assets have already surpassed valuations of more than 400% in less than a year, but many promises have become scams, so LTH is backed by a mix of solid and bold assets to ensure greater protection of its ballast.